Welcome back!

The UO Project is back! And you are all ready to get going. We have restored all accounts and characters so you can dive right in as if you never left.

Unsure on your account details?
You can log in on the right of the website, if you do not remember your password, simply use the Reset Password page and you will get emailed a new password for your account.

Forums are up and running too, you can log in with your email address and game password. The email address on your account is the one we emailed you on.

If you do not know your email, you can log in game using your username and password and use .regemail command to set the email address on your account and then use that to log in the forums.

Any issues, join Discord and ask for some help. Welcome home.


Introduction To The UO Project

Server IP:      Server Port: 2593

The UO Project is not just another server, we are serious about creating you a world to enjoy and stay with. Created by long term Ultima Online players who still actively play, we merge together the best communities to build the ultimate world. Pre AOS gameplay with exceptional trading and pvp systems. Our PvP is well known for its pure excitement and thrills. 1000 skill cap, 295 stat cap, a modern and fast Cloud server and more and more to make playing here as simple and as fun as possible! (more...) This world has seen many heroes and many great traders, but their time has passed, and yours has come.

If you are new to this server or new to Ultima Online itself, you may be interested in the following links:

This is not all the information available to you as a new player, however, please read through the links in the navigation menu to the left. We will be happy to answer any questions you have.


Latest News

New GM Zynox!

Posted by: lil_eddie    0 replies

Welcome Zynox to the staff team, along with Spitfire they have a good amount of past staffing experience and should be able to handle anything you need.

As they help increase support here again they will feedback any ideas to me so let them know if you have any


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New GM - Spitfire!

Posted by: lil_eddie    1 replies

Please welcome Spitfire to the staff team with me. He has experience of staffing before, so should be able to help out right away - give him a few days to remember things and get back to full speed.

Still looking for another staff member, so keep sending in applications.



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Posted by: lil_eddie    0 replies

We are now live!

You will likely need to reset your password again to get in game as we have found and restored complete saves including items, characters, houses, guilds, banks, everything.

Remember, you use the same email/username/password to access the game, website and forums - any issues drop me a message on Discord, but it does all work so long as you can remember your email or your old password you can recover your old accounts.

Don't forget to download our patch and make sure your game it patched to (you can use 2.0.3 or 4.0.11c clients if you prefer them to client).

Happy playing!


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Account Password Resets Working!

Posted by: lil_eddie    0 replies

You can now reset your password for your account!

You need to know the email account or username of the account in order to reset it. A new password will then be emailed to you.

Once reset, you can log in to the forums with your email address and new password, you can also log in to the website.

The game updates accounts every 10 minutes, so you may need to wait a little bit before you can log in to the server.

You can reset your password after getting a new one using the .pass command in game, or by logging in to the website and Updating it.


Note: The server is currently in a testing phase for a few days, so anything you do on your account between now and the official launch day will be rolled back - so just have fun and report any bugs you find!

Note 2: The current save in place has EMPTY backpacks and EMPTY bank accounts. I am trying to find a Save which has the items there .....

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