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This area of our site is a small 'blog' of upcoming developments and what is currently under development. We will not specify release dates for each thing as numerous things may happen delaying them, this is purely just so you know we are doing something.


Under Development

A list of things currently being worked on, and will be available soon, these are not listed in any particular order.

  • Capture the flags event. This is a non-pvp event similar to the well known CTF event, but with a little twist. An event idea by Pink Panther.
  • Spawning more wildlife around the map, along with more llamas and mustangs to tame.
  • Spawning Ice + T2A areas, ready to open within the next few weeks.
  • Changing spellbooks to take on the name of 'Full Spellbook' when they are full, to prevent scamming.
  • Bags of Regs on NPC. These will come in lots of 100 and 50.
  • Citizenship system developments. This includes a large amount of things, this includes discounts in the town you are a citizen of, prevent changing your hometown for 14 days since you last moved, discounted rent on housing in the territory, discounted player vendor rent. As well as this, a percent of the money spent in each town on normal NPC's will go in to the towns 'treasury'. What we do with this is still unknown at this time.
  • Add bronze and steel armor on to NPC's - this won't be done until these armors become uncommon, we don't want blacksmiths losing out because of this.
  • Advertising on town Criers. You may purchase advertising slots on the town criers for periods of 1 week at a time, this may be an auction process or a click and buy process, still unsure. You would be able to advertise your shop on town criers in towns of your choice. Max of 8 adverts per town crier.

Planned Developments

This is a brief list of things to come, which are under discussion. They will likely be added to the game, but when exactly we do not know.

  • Shame Dungeon is currently closed off. This is because of the large scale of the dungeon, we feel we could introduce a nice system inside for a more rewarding pvm experience when hunting in parties or as a guild. Still under discussion.
  • Poisoning skill - this will be done reasonably soon, but at this time we do not expect it to be for another 2 months.
  • Necromancy skill - this needs some modifications but will mainly remain the same as before. Will be released when Poisoning is.
  • Voting Points rewards. A lot of you have been collecting vote points by voting for us on the toplist sites. You will be able to spend these points to get prizes of your choice. Our only currently decided prize is 10 points for 1% free skill (12% max per month if you vote on every site every day).
  • Veteren Rewards - Rewards for older players, this will be based upon account age, as well as in game time (You cant have an account 2 years old with 5 minutes of play on it and claim these). Rewards are undecided, but upper end will include Eth steeds.
  • Trader workbenches in towns - these will provide a boost in your skill gain and success rates when crafting near these. They will not all be in every town, one town may have 1-2 workbenches depending on the trade skill associated with the town. This will improve the number of traders crafting in towns rather than in their homes
  • MyTUP - Your own account area on the website, to view your characters stats, skills, more detailed info such as last killed, faction points etc.
  • Faction missions. This will be a scenario where you have to raid the other Factions town and defeat the ruler. Prizes come in form of Faction points, you will lose points if your Faction loses.
  • Faction treasury, similar to the towns one mentioned above, but this will require faction members to donate their loot or gold to the faction. The value of the items will be added to the treasury. This money may be used in GM ran Faction Wars to purchase NPC Faction Guard assistance in the events.
  • More rare bosses around the map, they would not be easy to kill at all, and often require several players to kill. A tank build may be required to keep the boss occupied while mages attack it for example
  • Fishing SOS bottles and treausre maps. Similar to on the land, but got while fishing and found in the sea.
  • New cooking recipes. We have a handful of useful foods in game at the moment, and we want to expand this to make cooking more fun.
  • Farming enhancements, to grow crops only available via farming to use in the cooking skill.
  • Masonry enhancements to create more decorations. Possibility of creating 'stone' based golems to go along with the metal ones.

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