The purpose of factions are to align yourself to a specific cause or school of thought / mentality on The UO Project. Factions fully integrate PvP combat and negate the functionality of guardzones when fighting a member of an opposing faction. Killing members of an opposing faction will gain you rank points, allowing you to climb a hierarchy within that faction.

There are currently two factions. To join one, find the faction recruiter in the faction's home town and say "join". You will receive a free faction shield when you do so. However, you may only join 1 faction during the entire life span of your account so please think the decision through carefully. To leave a faction and return to normal gameplay, simply say "resign" to the recruiter, you cannot resign with 7 days of joining.

Joining a faction will also allow you to use the .ochome function to teleport to the home town of your faction.


How many Faction do we have?

- There are 2 opposing Factions, Chaos and Order, who have declared war on each other.
- Each Faction has a personal town. The Order town is Magincia and the Chaos town is Serpent's Hold.

How does the Factions work?

- Once you join a Faction, you can attack any member of the oposite Faction inside any guarded zone, as well as you can be attacked too, without any of the Faction members being able to call guards. Please be aware that looting rules apply as normal, looting a player will result in a criminal status if they are not red karma.
- A blue character belonging to Order can call guards on a red character belonging to Chaos inside guarded zones and vice versa. Criminal status takes precedence over factions.
- Each time you kill a member of the opposite Faction you gain few Faction Reputation Points. Once you achieve the required Faction Reputation Points your rank is increased.
- If you die you lose points.

Which are the requirements to join a Faction?

- To belong to a Faction you must either have 75% Tactics or 75% Magery.

How can I join?

- Joining a Faction is a choose for life.
- Your account can only belong to a Faction, which means you cant have two different characters on two different Factions, so choose wisely when you choose between them because there is no turning back.
- To join Orders you must visit Ryu, The Recruitment Officer at Magincia (3768,2112,20) and type "join".
- To join Chaos you must visit Fou-Lu, The Recruitment Officer at Serpent's hold (2938,3354,15) and type "join".

I belong to a Faction, and now what?

- Once you join a Faction, you receive a Faction Shield, which is newbied, and a Faction Title. You can have a full title if you type ".papers", click on "stats & options" and then choose "Show Faction Long Title". To remove the full title just repeat the same process
- You can now use your Faction Town NPC's.

Which are the titles related to each rank?

Points - Faction Name - Female/Male Title
0-999 - Order/Chaos - Initiate
1000-1999 - Order/Chaos - Light Infantry
2000-2999 - Order/Chaos - Infantry
3000-3999 - Order/Chaos - Sergeant
4000-4999 - Order/Chaos - Squire
5000-5999 - Order/Chaos - Knight
6000-6999 - Order/Chaos - General
7000-7999 - Order/Chaos - Lady/Lord
8000-8999 - Order/Chaos - Baroness/Baron
9000-9999 - Order/Chaos - Viscountess/Viscount
10000-10999 - Order/Chaos - Countess/Count
11000-11999 - Order/Chaos - Disciple
12000+ - Order/Chaos - Overlord

- To view your current Faction Reputation Points you must type ".papers" and look there.

Besides a new rank title, do I get anything else?

- Yes, after you achieve the required points.
- 1000 Faction Reputation Points - you can say "shield" to the Recruiter to claim another normal shield if you don't have any.
- 2000 Faction Reputation Points - you can now use the .ochome command, which will recall you (dead or alive) without any cost (no mana or reags) to your Faction town. This cannot be used while in combat though.
- 7000 Faction Reputation Points - you receive a new shield named Faction Elite Shield, which is newbied and coloured.
- 8000 Faction Reputation Points - you can now equip your Faction Elite Shield.

How can I speak with the members of my Faction?

- To speak with your Faction members you must type ".occhat" to turn on the chat. Then type ".c text" if you belong to Chaos or ".o text" if you belong to Order.

There is a Faction Vendor on each town called Rei, near the Faction Recruiter, what can I get from him?

The Faction Vendor sells:
- Arrows
- Regs
- Mount Dying Tub
- Faction War Horse
- Faction Elite Robe (Can only be used if you have 5000+ Faction Reputation Points)

I want to resign from my Faction, how can I do that?

- Once you join a Faction you can only leave after 7 days.
- To resign from a Faction you must visit the Recruitment Officer on your Faction town and type "resign"

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