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The UO Project Returns

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Welcome back one and all!

In todays age, we all know there are no new players to UO (unless you bring them here), and no one wants to start all over again on another replica of our reknowned server or similar server. As such, we will be restarting the TUP server as it was when we closed. All characters, accounts and items will be back where you left them.

So where are we at?

As of today, the server is up and running with the 'end of TUP' save. This save has all accounts and characters, as well as the map fully spawned, player vendors all there still. However, we are aware that some of you stoppe dplaying before our last day once you knew the server was going offline, so we will try to find a save a few weeks before the very end so that your houses and vendors are all still there. We cannot guarantee ALL items/houses/vendors will be restored, but all your characters will be.

If you remember your old TUP password then go ahead and log in - check our website for the Patch which will get you going. Just note that once our testing is over, we will  be restoring the saves again - so anything you do currently will get undone, and also be resetting ALL account passwords (for security as we have no idea who may have shared or had accounts stolen in the past), and you will need to reset your password then to continue playing. Once we do this, we will be live and not rolling back at all.

This is so we can test the game a bit before we just chuck it live - it was all OK when we closed, but we would be stupid not to test it.


When will it be live?

My plan is to get a few players on this week to run through the basics and check nothing major is broken, while I sort the password reset mechanisms out on the website. This could be as soon as Friday 13th, but may be some point mid next week.


What can I do now?

Join us on Discord (link on website), post in the forums, or log in and report bugs on either Discord or Forums. Your help is appreciated.

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