In-game Commands [Sphere]

In-Game Commands are simple command lines which help players with small tasks.

Useful Commands

.accountinfo This command shows you when your account was created and how many hours you've been playing.

.achievements View all of your achievements.

.news This command launches your web browser and shows the news of The UO Project.

.online The online command shows currently logged in players on the server.

.papers This command is probably the best and largest command. It shows loads of things. If you have 45% cartography it shows the Ultima Online map. You can set your status in here. The command also shows you faction reputation, amount of kills, your fame and karma and a few other things.

.pass (new password) This is the only way to change your password. This will update the password for your website login (not forums).

.where This command is very usefull if you are lost. Just write the command and your location appears over your head. Open a UO Map Tool and type the commands and you know your way back.

.deathmenu This is only available to players with the New Player tag. If you are dead you can use this menu to resurrect and go back to your home town, or to another town or dungeon.

Combat / Crafting

.craftmark The craftmark command removes the craftmark on a weapon/armor item. Note; You can only remove the craftmark if you crafted it.

.damrolls This command is a very usefull command in combats and training. It shows the exact hit points you were hited and if you hit/get hited by critical strikes. Note; To use this command you must reach 30% tactics.

.eq The equipment command is good to use before you go out in combats. It shows everything you have equiped at the moment. You can also de-equip items on the menu that appears when typing the command.

.public This command shows the latest 20 PvP kills. It shows who killed who. Enter the command and click turn on/off to activate/de-activate. Only kills by people with this activated will be displayed.

.regs This command is very usefull before you go out in combats or alchemy crafting. It tells you all amounts of regs on your backpack and aditional bags.

.special This is a unarmed combat related command. If you use it in a fight you have a chance to make a better and stronger strike then normal.

.status The command examines the status in magic and combat according to your skill and equipment. Note; Try to have the "Normal Status" if your fighting. Otherwise you have a large chance of fizzling (failing) spells.


.vote Opens your web browser and takes you to you personal voting area to vote for The UO Project and earn points.

Guilds / Factions

.bindback This is a command that only works if your a part of "The Mercenaries". If you are, it teleports you to your mercenary bindback stone. This command only works if you are dead.

.g This is a guildmembers only chat. No one else can see what you are typing.

.listguild This is also a guild command. This command shows all currently online guildmembers and their location (XXXX,XXXX Britain Teritory)

.occhat Turns on/off Order and Chaos chat.

.o text Replace text with your message to send to all of the Order faction. You must be in Order to use this.

.c text Replace text with your message to send to all of the Chaos faction. You must be in Chaos to use this.

.ochome This will teleport you back to your faction town. You need 1000 faction points to use this. You cannot use this in combat.

Other Commands

.afk Command that tells players that your not at your keyboard. Every 5:th second you say "Z" and if someone clicks at your character it sais "Name [AFK]"

.jailtime This command is only avalible when you are jailed. It shows the exact time you have left in jail. If your jailed and types the command and nothing happends, use the .menu command and page a GM and let them release you or ask whats wrong.

.locateship This command can only be used if you own a boat. If you have lost it or someone have stole it just type the command, target the key of your boat and message appears telling you the location of it. (XXXX,XXXX)

.housecount This command will show you the number of houses you own, just in case you forget.

.scrapship This command can only be used if you own a boat. If you write it your boat will be scraped. And if its done its done, you cant change your mind.

.pvp2 password When a event is anounced, type .pvp2 followed by the password anounced. Then you will be teleported to the Lycereum. When you get there, follow the Game Masters instructions. Note; If you use this command to escape a combat you will be punished with a jail sentance.

.rename name This command can rename your bags and runes to what ever name you want.

.luckycolour It will says your lucky colour of the day

.rp This is a command for roleplayers. It shows a tag over your name saying [Roleplaying].

.skillrolls This command is used mostly when training a character. It shows the % of rolling in the skills your currently using.

.sparring This is also a command used mostly when training a character in combat skills. If you and another player is sparring and one of you dies the other player won't gain a kill to their count.

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