Player Towns

Players may group together either as friends or as a guild and places houses near by to each other. This is a player town. You may then request special items based on the number of houses.

What can we get?

To purchase additional items for your town, you need to meet a house count criteria. This only counts 1 house per account.

Small PvP Pit - 10 Houses, 250k

Large PvP Pit - 20 Houses, 300k

Small Town Center - 15 Houses, 500k

Large Town Center - 25 Houses, 750k

Wooden Walls - 10 Houses, 1m

Thin Stone Walls - 20 Houses, 2m

Thick Stone Walls - 30 Houses, 3m

Wall Extensions - 100k / 250k per GM visit

Town walls will be placed a the discretion of the GM. You may not have large areas of empty space within your walls, you may not have any spawns within the walls - if a small spawn is in the way a GM may move it, you may not cross roads or paths with your walls.

You can get NPC's to put in your town center, price list is below

Town Center NPC's

Banker - 500k

Mage, Alch, Stabler - 350k

Provisioner - 250k

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