Player Vendors

Player Vendor's are NPC's linked to shops which can be rented by players. To rent a shop the sign by it needs to be Green. This means the shop is currently vacent and available for rent.


If you are fortunate enough to come across a shop which is empty, with a green sign, and have the required gold to rent it ( usually around 5000 gold pieces ), double click the sign. You will be presented with a small gump asking you if you wish to rent the shop.

By renting it the sign turns into a standard sign. An NPC will also appear inside the shop,

The initial 5000 gold for renting shops usually pays around 4 days. This is calculated in hours. You can pay a maximum of 7 days rent on your shop. When other players double click your shop sign, unless it has less than 24 hours left on it, the rent is displayed in "days". To the owner it is displayed in hours.

please note, the rent time is calculated in real time, similar to houses


Extend Rent Time By 24 hours - extends the amount of rent paid on your shop, is calculated in hours, and usually costs 800 gold per 24 hours.

Access Commercial Menu - this opens the Commercial Menu explained a little more below.

Lock/Unlock Items - allows the owner to lock down 3 items outside their shop, place an item and then use this feature to lock them down, unlocking will bounce the item to your pack, and although you can lock down containers, the items inside containers will not be locked down.

Free The Room - frees the shop, use extreme caution when using this feature as you will have to rent the shop back again if you do it accidently, as well as possibly losing some items on the NPC.

Commercial Menu

Change Shop Name - changes the shop name on the actual sign when single clicked.

Change Sign Type - offers you a selection of different signs, for example you may be a blacksmith, or a bowyer and want to make sure people know that by having your sign show it.

Change Vendors Title - allows you to change the title displayed in [ ]'s after the vendors name, for example Joe[Blacksmith]

Access Bank Account - absolutely vital when performing a restock of your shop, allows you to open your bank box while at your shop.


"vendor name" Open - opens your shop

"vendor name" Close - closes your shop

"vendor name" Stock - opens your stock box

"vendor name" Price 5000 - prices an item in your stock box to 5000

"vendor name" Drop ALL - drops any pieces of armour, robes or weapons your vendor is wearing for clothing purposes ( Note newbied items do not get dropped, be careful what you make them wear )


Player vendors can now be used by any character on the account that owns it, But are now limited to one vendor per account. To be able to use the vendor properly with a character other than the original owner, you will first need to double click the sign. If you have any problems with paying your rent on a different character simply page and it will be quickly resolved.

One other thing to bear in mind, is that similar to pets, saying Release will release your vendor with no garentee of keeping the stock on it, so be careful around them.

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