Guilds and Guildstones

A Guild is a group of players which share a certain amount of friendship and interests.

Ideally, players in the same guild should help trust eachother. You can found a Guild with the purpose of gathering members to fight another bunch of players who are annoying you, because you enjoy exploring dungeons and need support in your epic journeys or simply because you want to found a Trader Company which can provide anything a citizen might wish and dominate the market.

Guilds have nice features such as:

* Guildchat: which is used by using ".g " to display it to the whole online members of the guild, and .g # to display the message to a particular member where X is the number of the member which you can get from .listguild.

* You don't need to worry about getting blamed for your guildmates death when you hurt them by accident (only works for full members).

* You can have candidate members and trial them if you're not sure you want to fully recruit them yet.

(Note: Make sure you trust the members you recruit in, if any member betrays his Guild there's nothing the Game Masters can do about it and no items (or whatever) will be retrieved)

A guild needs a Guildstone which can be bought from the scribes for 57 500 gold pieces.

Once placed, the first person double-clicking the stone becomes the Guild Master (the person with most administrative power inside the guild).

Guild Stone Menu and brief explanation of it's functions:

* Loyal to -> Using this button you can vote for your Guild Master, the person whom most members swear their loyalty to becomes it.

* View the current roster -> By using this button you can check the current FULL Guild Members and their titles.

* Recruit someone into the guild -> Used to add someone to the guild. It will immediately become a FULL MEMBER if added by the Guild Master.

* The fourth button is used to display the current list of candidates awaiting aproval. (Non-Full Members).

* Resign from the guild -> Use this one if you want to leave the Guild.

* View the guild's wartime status -> NOT FULLY IMPLEMENTED YET.

* Access Guild Master functions -> This menu is only availible for the Guild Master. More details ahead.

* Pay Guildstone Dues -> Guildstones (and Guilds therefore) require a weekly fee to stay active which should be payed by all members. The fee is currently set to 700 gold pieces per week. (Note: it also displays the currently paid time).

* Display guild abbreviation -> You can use this button to toggle the Guild abbreviation display over your character's head.

* Exit -> Leave this menu.

Guild Master's Menu (accessible by the Guild Master only):

* Set the guild name -> Change the guild name (To change the title which appears above your head use the function under this one)

* Set the guild's abbreviation -> Push this button to set the Guild's abbreviation which appears above your head.

* Change guild's religion -> NOT FULLY IMPLEMENTED YET

* Set guild's charter -> You can leave a brief description of your guild on this textbox for the peasants to read.

* Dismiss a member -> Kick a member out of the Guild.


* The seventh menu is used to approve or reject the current guild candidates.

* Set the guildmaster's title -> Change your own title (if you can see this, you are the Guild Master :P)

* Grant a title to another members -> Full Guild Members can have their title on the paperdoll changed. Use this button to do it.

* Move this Guildstone -> Use this if you wanna move your guildstone to another place in the map. A small blue stone will appear in your backpack. Use it wherever you want the Guild Stone to be replaced.

* Transfer ownership -> Transfer the Guild Master status to another member.

* Alter the Guild Title Colour -> Lets you choose the Guild Title which appears above your head colour from 4 preset colours.

* Set the Guild Message. -> Set a message which will be viewed by all the Guild Members once they log in.

* Return to the main menu -> Used to return to the common member menu.

* Exit -> Leave this menu.

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