In-game Macros

Macros are ways of doing something ingame faster than having to use your mouse as you simply need a keypress to initiate a macro. For example, setting up a macro to cast a spell on a player, instead of having to open your spellbook and pressing the spell's icon. Macros can be used for everything ingame, such as: opening your backpack, targeting someone, using last object, open/closing doors, etc.

Perhaps the most common implementation of macros is set up to aid Player vs Player (PvP) combat. Allowing the player to simple press a "shotcut key" to send requests and commands ingame rather than having to seive through gumps and menus to find what it is you need.

Thanks to Rust and Dolly for helping write this guide.

How To Create a Macro

First of all you need to click on the "Options" button on your "Paperdoll" GUMP (guided user menu program) to open up the Options GUMP.

Once your options gump is open, click on the bottom left most tab which icon represents a clockwise pointing arrow. This is the macros tab.

  • Add Clicking this will allow you to create a new macro with clear input boxes.
  • Delete Clicking this button will delete the macro you are currently viewing.
  • Previous This button will cycle to the previous macro.
  • Next This button will cycle to the next macro.
  • Keystroke These allow you to specify a combination of button presses that will initiate the specified actions.
  • Actions What the macro actually does. Open the nearest door/ use the last object/ target nearest player/ cast a spell, etc

PvP Combat Macros

Fighting another player ingame is a complex task, much knowledge of ingame mechanics is required such as the best weapons and armour to use, the best mount to ride to aid you, supporting potions to carry, not to mention the best skills to set your character up with, but not least of all, you need to have an arsenal of defensive and offensive magic at your disposal at the press of a key. Shifting through a spell book is of no use.

PvP combat is not something you can just DO when you play the game... it takes plenty of practice as it is a skill you must learn. All spells have a delay from the moment they are cast to when they actually come into affect. You must also learn these delays as you will then know how long you can be out of "line of sight" of another player, protecting yourself from their spells before yours come into effect.

This however, is not an exhastive list of what it means to be a great fighter. They are merely example starting points for you to go and learn about. Dieing is part of that process of learning how to fight other players with efficiency and speed.

Please consult the Magery skill guide for more information on spells.

Skill Raising Macros

When macroing skills, it is prudent to make use of the .skillrolls command in order to keep track of your gains. Please click here for more information.

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