Mercenaries are not like the other factions, anyone can join them, even if you belong to Order or Chaos. They are a PvM faction and strive to fend off the monsters that plague the lands. As you assist them, you will be rewarded for your hard work.


What are the Mercenaries?

- Mercenaries are an independent organisation that are bound by contracts.

Which are the requirements to join the Mercenaries?

- To join the Mercenaries you must have a minimum of 550.1 total skill.

How can I join the Mercenaries?

- There is a Mercenary Recruiter on each major town.
- You must go to the Mercenary Recruiter and say "I wish to join the mercenaries".
- Upon join you are bound to the Mercenaries and you receive a Mercenary Title.

How can I increase my rank?

- To increase your Mercenary rank you must use Mercenary Contracts.
- To use a Mercenary Contract you just have to double click it.
- There are Mercenary Contracts of 1, 2, 5, 10 and 100 Mercenary Points.
- Each contract will only give you Mercenary Points, nothing else.

How can I get Mercenary Contracts?

- You can obtain Mercenary Contracts by hunting monsters, like Fire Gargoyles, Orcs, Dragons, Balrons, etc. They will drop Mercenary Contracts between 1-100 Mercenary Points. However, you will not get the same kind of contrats on every monster, harder monsters will drop better contracts.

How can I see my current Mercenary Points?

- To see your current Mercenary Points you must type "rank status" to the Mercenary Recruiter.

Which are the titles related to each rank?

Points - Mercenary Title
0-99 - Mercenary Recruit
100-299 - Mercenary Scout
300-699 - Mercenary
700-1249 - Mercenary Master
1250- 1749 - Mercenary Wolfpack
1750- 2499 - Mercenary Hero
2500+ - Mercenary Elite

What rewards do I get for each rank?

Points - Mercenary Reward
100 - You receive a Personal Mercenary Horse Deed.
300 - You can now use Mercenaries Bindback Stones. To use this stones you must bind you spirit to one of them by double clicking it and then type ".bindback" when you die if you want to be teleported to them.
700 - You receive a Mercenary Cloak of Protection.
1250 - You can now use Mercenaries Travel Stones.
1750 - You receive a personal bindback stone.
2500 - You receive a personal resurection stone. (it says you receive mercenary personal bind stone but you get the correct stone, the resurrection one)

How can I claim my rank reward?

- To claim your rank reward you must type "rank" to the Mercenary Recruiter.

How can I remove my Mercenary Title?

- To remove your Mercenary Title you must type "remove title" to the Mercenary Recruiter.
- Once you remove your title you will only have it again when you reach another rank.

I want to resign from the Mercenaries, how can I do that?

- To resign from the Mercenaries you must type "I resign from the mercenaries" to the Mercenary Recruit.

I've resigned from the Mercenaries, but I still have their title, how can I remove it?

- To remove your Mercenary Title page for GM assistance.

I resigned from the Mercenaries, but now I want to join again, do I lost my Mercenary Points?

- Unfortunately yes, once you resign from the Mercenaries you lose all your Mercenary Points.

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