New Player Guide

This guide is intended to give new players to The UO Project an introduction to our unique systems.

  1. New Player Benefits
  2. Your Skills
  3. Your Stats
  4. Death and Dieing ...(Links to another page).
  5. Commands and Shortcuts ...(Links to another page).

New Player Benefits

  • New players cannot harm or be harmed by other players and will be identifiable by a tag above their character's head [New Player].
  • New player status lasts until account time of 40 hours has been reached or a skill total of 450.0 has been achieved.
  • New players may opt out of this system for the purpose of getting straight into PvP by typing .newoptout


Being a new player as stated above provides you with an invunrability to PvP combat, and you may not attack other players. This allows you to freely roam the world without worry of dying.

Upon dying as a new player, you will be given a popup menu, chosing an option here will ressurrect you and teleport you to your chosen location. If you close this menu by mistake you can open it again by using .deathmenu

Your Skills

Key points

  • Your character is limited to 1000.0 skill points.
  • Every skill available to you has a standard cap of 100.
  • These points can be distributed however you like.
  • Your current highest skill will assertain the title of your character.
  • If you have already reached Grandmaster skill level, any skill you Grandmaster after it will ascertain your new title.

Character Titles (Appears on your Paperdoll)

  • If your highest skill is between 0 + 49.9, you will be a Neophyte in that skill.
  • If your highest skill is between 50 + 59.9, you will be an Apprentice in that skill.
  • If your highest skill is between 60 + 69.9, you will be a Journeyman in that skill.
  • If your highest skill is between 70 + 79.9, you will be an Expert in that skill.
  • If your highest skill is between 80 + 89.9, you will be an Adept in that skill.
  • If your highest skill is between 90 + 97.9, you will be a Master in that skill.
  • If your highest skill is between 98 + 100, you will be a Grandmaster in that skill.


The stat limit on The UO Project is 275. This can eb increased to 295 by use of 'fluxes' from the golden reward boards.

To set the limits of your stats or to stop them increasing more, you have to use our custom system. The status bar buttons are not used due to how we deal with your stats.

To set your stats, you need to use the command '.papers', this will open a popup which provides you with a lot of additional features explained here. But to set your stats, you need to click on the Ankh icon. This will change the popup page. Click on the newly appeared Ankh icon on the right. This will open the stats popup, you will be able to set the maximum dex, str and int here. You can also see how much unalloted stats you have.

If you reach your max stat for a particular stat, and wish to reduce it, there is a cost of 200gp. The change will take immediate effect.

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