Other Events

As well as trader and fighter events, we run social and fun events. Here follows a list of the most common PvP Events, how to join, the rules and much more.

How To Join

Five minutes before every event a Game Master will announce it ingame. He will tell you to either come naked, come in your PvP sets or simply just come. After 5 Minutes the command will open, it will be password protected. The announcement will tell you what it is. The fastest players to write it, will get a spot in the event. The join command is; .pvp2 PASSWORD HERE.

Please Note

Messing around, not following rules or instructions from the Game Master can result in a Warning, Removal from the Event or even Jail Time. Follow the rules and listen to your Game Master, he is running the event for you, not for himself.



Llama Race (Single)

In Single Llama Races, you will run just one race, against 3 others, around one of our special llama racing tracks. You will be provided the llama for the duration of the race.

Common Rules
  • No Attacking
  • Reward: 1st Place: 1 PvP Ticket


    Llama Race (Tournament)

    Just like a normal Llama Race, but you will be racing for a position in the final race before you get a prize, but the prize is much better.

    Common Rules
  • No Attacking
  • Reward: 1st Place: 2 PvP Tickets, Other Finalists: 1 PvP Ticket (Each)


    Treasure Hunt

    An openworld event. These events will be ran by a GM, who will provide each player with an initial clue. This may lead them to one or more places - this means you may cross paths with another player. Clues will be at each location to lead you on to a final location. You may find boobytraped clues if you go to the wrong places.

    Common Rules
  • One Man Teams
  • Reward: Winner: Rare Item.


    Capture The Flag (Non-PvP)

    Similar to a normal Capture The Flag event, but this time without the PvP. Your team must navigate through a trap filled maze of gates to find 8 flags and then return them back to your base. The first team to do this wins. If you die, you lose the flag and are returned to your base to ressurrect.

    Common Rules
  • No Attacking
  • No Pets/Steeds/Summons
  • Reward: Winners: 1 PvP Ticket (Each)


    Bard Contest

    A more upper class contest for those who love to Roleplay. Prepare a song or a story and read it aloud to an audience and judges. The best song/story wins. GM's may provide a theme for the event.

    Reward: Winner: Rare Item.


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