Paging Guidelines

The Help button on your paperdoll can be used to "page" online staff members if you need active player support in a situation that cannot be solved yourself ingame, by looking at the website for information,or by asking on the forums/ IRC.

Example situations where you might need staff member interaction are:

  • You are stuck in the map and are unable to use the teleport spell to move around.
  • Items in your house have dissappeared beneath the floor.
  • You are being harassed by another player. "Res-killing" for example.
  • You wish to purchase GM-only sold items.
  • You wish to report items in the map that cannot be moved and were once part of house decoration.

When you page keep in mind that the page tool is to request help with matters that cannot be resolved by anyone other than a member of staff.

When you have a game play question such as how to craft an item or how to raise such and such a skill

  1. You check the guides
  2. Check the IRC channel #theuoproject on quakenet IRC server
  3. Ask on the forums

Futhermore you MUST clearly state your problem:

Paging and only saying "I need help" will only get your page deleted and if you keep on paging repeatidly the same or not providing any information then you WILL BE JAILED for abuse of the page system.

As the page tool is strictly for emergencies or issues that can't be solved withouth direct staff assisstance. Other situations should be dealt with through the options above.

Note: If after paging your page no longer needs solving or if you wish to cancel a previous page, simply repage with the message "discard".

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