The Rules

Once you decide to join us here at The UO Project, you are bound to the rules provided here for you. Breaking these rules lead to serious penalties decided by the staff members. Ignorance is not an excuse, using it brings punishment.

A list of penalties for breaking the following rules can be found: Here.

Although we list these rules, please do not let it scare you, they are in place to make your time here as fun as possible.


Bugs: As a part of shard progression, we try to fix bugs to make The UO Project a better experience to all players. Using a bug/exploit to your advantage has high penalties. If you are unsure about anything please speak with a staff member immediately, E-mail, or page.

AFK Macroing is permitted on The UO Project.

Scamming / Cheating view our jail sentences to see the rules around this. Not all of them may be listed here as we cannot list every possibility. If you feel like your doing something wrong, chances you are, and you may be punished regardless of whats listed on the website.

Player Interaction & Behaviour

Moongates: Moongates are placed for quick travel between different areas of the map. While you may pk around them, casting fields on the gates (or within the stone circle surrounding the gates) and waiting for someone to hit them is not allowed and will result in a warning.

Harassment: Harassment of other players or GMs will not be tolerated. If you feel that you are being stalked or harassed by another player, then page a GM about it. Any claims of abuse with insufficient evidence to back it up will not be handled.

Looting: Looting another player's body is ok. However, you may become a criminal from looting a body.

Exception 1: Looting on any quest or event labelled as a no looting event is illegal. By default events are no-looting events. If looting is allowed, a staff member will specify so.

Exception 2: Looting/Stealing from players is forbidden in the Trinsic newbie dungeon.

Player Interaction with the Staff Team

Please keep in mind that The UO Project staff team are not paid for maintaining the server. We maintain the server in our spare time, purely for the pleasure of providing a fun and entertaining environment for players to play in.

The GM staff are available to help you with any functional aspects of the game. Gameplay issues and questions, (e.g. How do I improve my magery?) should be posted in The UO Project Help forum or by reading the guides.

Pages: Make sure that your pages are clear and concise, and explain the problem as best as possible. Pages with "help" or words to that effect on their own will be ignored. If your page is not handled by the time you need to log out, either log out at your house or at an isolated area. If you page and the problem changes, then re-page, and it will overwrite your old page. If the cause for your page solves itself, then please page again stating "Please ignore" so that your page can be discarded.

Impersonating Staff: Leading another player to believe that you are a member of staff or have staff priviledges in order to obtain special treatment is strictly prohibited. This is considered a major offense.


Multiple Accounts: You are only permitted ONE account on The UO Project. If you are caught using another account in such a way, then the account will be deleted. Repeating this leads to permanent banning.

Shared accounts: are NOT permitted here. You cannot use another person's account unless you are holding it for them with the approval of an admin.

Transferring accounts: is not allowed. If you are the owner of an account and you will be away for an extended period of time, you may request that the account be blocked until you return by contacting the admin team.

Multiple connections from one IP: We are aware that several players have attempted to run several clients from the same machine, and are able to track this. If we find two accounts to be running off the same IP, then the Staff team will block the accounts unless they have previously reported this to an admin.

Note: If you are playing on a LAN of any kind, then you should contact the admin team before playing for the first time, and indicate the account names that will be sharing, and the IP address that they will be sharing (if on a static IP connection), so that your accounts will not be blocked.
NEW ADDITION PLEASE NOTE: If you are playing from a Net Cafe we require your account name and the name of the Net cafe at which you play. This information will not be distributed to anyone outside staff and will be used to maintain a total list of accounts from the net cafe in question.

3rd Party Tools

If you have any questions or other 3rd party tools you are unsure about, always ask a GM or someone else in game, and they can tell you if it is allowed or not.

ALLOWED 3rd party tools:

  • UO Automap
  • UO Tillerman
  • UO Wedding
  • UO Screenshot Utility
  • UO Mcro (this can be configured to do a lot of things uo assist lets you do, without the abusive nature of it)
  • UO Autopilot
  • UO Loop + UO Loop X

The following tools are definitely NOT ALLOWED:

  • EasyUO
  • Razor (you can use this to connect to the server if you really have to, but the macro abilities won't work)
  • UOAssist / AssistUO
  • TEOT
  • Injection

Any questions, please ask. We have our reasons for some tools to be illegal here, and it is down to providing a fair and social community within our server. We allow AFK macroing, thats fine. But we do not agree with the use of tools that can potentially help you in PvP by healing you without you having to worry about it. This is why use of illegal 3rd party tools holds a high jail penalty or a ban in severe cases.

Other Rules

We value freedom of expression. We do not, however, tolerate disrespect. All complaints will be attended cordially if they are presented cordially and in a respectful manner. Being polite can get you a long way in life, and this is no exception. We value criticism as it helps us improve what is wrong. Use the Forums and IRC to discuss any game issues you feel are wrong. You'll soon find out that the staff is very sensitive to real problems and WILL do its best to solve them.

If you feel a staff member has wronged you in any way, email the Admin Team and they will look into it.

To find a comprehensive list and other offences, please see our jail sentences.

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