When you are macroing skills here at The UO Project, you will "roll" in a skill every time you use it, so long as you are using the correct delay between uses. Each roll will take you closer to 100%, and once that happens you will gain 0.1 skill points (possibly more, it's random).

Using .skillrolls will show you just how close you are to achieving that 100% when you use a skill. The command will automatically disable itself after a certain time period, however.

[Magery(56.2%): need 4.7% or lower, got 35.1%]

The above is an example of what message you will see when .skillrolls is enabled. The first bit is obviously the skill you have used and the percentile number in brackets indicates how close you are to reaching the 100% mark in order to gain a skill point.

The latter numbers provide a random chance to over ride the previous 100% system. .skillrolls will tell you that you need a certain percentile in order to gain in that skill anyway; in this example, it is 4.7% or lower. If the skillrolls indicates that number or lower, you will gain in that skill anyway. The final number is randomly generated.

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