The UO Project Staff Team

The UO Project Staff Team is dedicated to providing the community with the best possible gaming experience. There are a number of ways you can contact us should you require our help and support.

Please note that The UO Project Staff team are not paid for their voluntary work in maintaining this server for your enjoyment, we do it in our own spare time, and it might be the case that we cannot always answer you instantly. As such, when contacting a member of staff, we expect a certain amount of decorum to exist in a dialogue between you, and us. For more information on this decorum, please read the rules concerning player interaction with the staff team.

Finally, we must express that if we do require new staff members to join the team, we will let the community know officially through the forums and ask for people to make their applications. Please do not contact us and ask if you can be a staff member.

Thank you.


If you need to contact anyone regarding account details, in game abuse or wish to praise/report any staff member, please contact an Administrator and not any other staff.

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Gamemasters should be contacted in game, in IRC or on the Forums - do not contact them via email or IM applications (AIM, MSN etc.). They can help you with reporting bugs, asking for help that requires a GM and they will also run your events.

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