Towns are a wonderful place to meet other players. They place host to player vendors and NPCs resource vendors alike. Some hold quests or special areas of interest. We hope to detail some of these below.


Ocllo is the safe haven for all players to meet. Players cannot attack each other within this town, it's doors are open to both Red and Blue karma players.

Population: 56

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Trinsic is home to the Academy, the training grounds for all new warriors and tradesmen. Trinsic is also the HQ for the Mercenaries - a PvM Faction.

Population: 123

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The largest city in all Britannia is Britain. Home to many many shops. Be wary though, due to the popularity of the city, a lot of villians live in the area!

Population: 139

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Minoc, a peaceful town full of aspiring craftsmen, the mining camp in the north is a popular spot for miners to learn their skills in safety. The best place to visit if you want a good deal on some armor.

Population: 102

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Home of the Order faction. This is a beautiful town, but you must be part of the Order faction to visit here.

Faction Size:

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Serpent's Hold

Home of the Chaos faction. This is a dangerous town, but you must be part of the Chaos faction to visit here.

Faction Size:

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The warriors play ground. Hosting a small arena in the centre and many blacksmiths and armors selling their range of weaponry.

Population: 7

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Buccaneer's Den

Take caution when visiting Bucc's Den. This town is not guarded and is popular with the outcasts because of this.

Population: 45

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The hot spot for the carpenter and lumberjack. Filled with trees this area is popular for getting your wooden weapons and shields from.

Population: 8

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The mages town. There are a lot of secrets within the city of Moonglow, and passes to places crafted by the mages of old.

Population: 9

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Vesper is a peaceful coastal town, popular with sailors. The town also has a rather large Alchemy feeling to it. A nice town to take a peaceful afternoon walk in.

Population: 7

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Skara Brae

Another quiet town, popular with tamers and farmers. Fishermen here have a nice large dock to fish from, which regularly hosts special events.

Population: 15

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Another ungaurded town, filled with the undead. Take caution when in Cove, zombies raise from the ground here.

Population: 5

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The holy city. A lot of history has passed through this town. The Rift from which evil came is closely guarded to prevent another collosal war.

Population: 5

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