The world of Ultima Online is huge and daunting place, especially if you're new to the game. It is extremely easy to get lost or wonder where you are/ where to go next.

Ultima Online plays host to two coordinate systems that can help you navigate the map. Catographers make use of the sextant tool which can give you longitude and latitude coordinates, however; any player can use the .where command in order to find map (x/ y/ z) coordinates in order to help them navigate.

The coordinates obtained using the .where command can be used by Ultima Online Auto Map (UOAM) to give a player visual representation of their current location.

Listed below are a few examples of how you might travel the world.


Moongates are located outside and close to most towns on the Britannia map. Entering one will transport you to the next town in a cyclical fashion. They are slightly dangerous to use however, as they are located outside of guard zones.

The following Moongates are available for access.

Britain: 1338,1996

Buccaneer's Den 2627,2302

Yew: 772,751

Skara Brae: 644,2068

Moonglow: 4468,1284

Minoc/ Vesper: 2702,692

Magincia: 3564,2140

Trinsic: 1828,2948

Jhelom: 1498,3772,

Nujel'm: 3646,1193


Felluca Shrines

The Hall of Virtues is located in Britain at coordinates: 1545,1611,10 and plays host to 8 telepads which can teleport any player who steps foot on them to one of 8 locations on the Felluca map.

Honor Honesty Valor Spirituality
1724,3528 4213,563 2493,3930 1600,2490
Justice Sacrifice Compassion Humility
1301,634 3354,290 1858,874 4272,3702


Runes are small objects that can be "marked" using the magery spell known as "mark" (60% Magery required to recite). Runes can be marked in towns and guarded areas in mark zones. Runes can also be marked in openworld areas of the map. Not inside houses however.

Once a rune has been marked, a Mage can use the "Recall" spell (40% Magery required to recite), in order to be teleported to the location on which the rune was marked. A Mage can also use the "Gate" spell (70% Magery required to recite) which will open a gate through which multiple people can travel to the location on which the rune was marked. The gate will last for a limited time only.

If you are a Necromancer... you are able to recall with 0% Magery (as long as the spell is in your spell book) when you are in Wraith Form.

If you are a Paladin (Chivalry)... you are able to recall with the Sacred Journey ability.


Boats are a way of travelling to islands that are otherwise out of reach to players. They can be crafted and sold to you by carpenters in the form of a "deed" and are not currently sold by NPCs. You may use docking stones at ports in towns to store your ship.

Controlling Your Ship

  • "Tillerman Furl Sail"/ "Stop" - Stops the ship.
  • "Tillerman Port"/ "Left" - Turns the ship left.
  • "Tillerman Starboard"/ "Right" - Turns the ship right.
  • "Tillerman Drift Left"/ "Left" - Moves the ship left.
  • "Tillerman Drift Right"/ "Right" - Moves the ship right.
  • "Tillerman Unfurl Sail"/ "Forward" - Moves the ship forward.
  • "Tillerman Backwards"/ "Back" - Moves the ship Backwards.
  • "Tillerman Come About"/ "Turn Around" - Turns the shiparound.
  • "Tillerman Forward Left" - Moves the ship forward left diagonally.
  • "Tillerman Forward Right" - Moves the ship forward right diagonally.
  • "Tillerman Backwards Left" - Moves the ship backwards left diagonally.
  • "Tillerman Backwards Right" - Moves the ship backwards right diagonally.

Ultima Online Auto Map (UOAM)

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